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Rose Sweet: Healing after Divorce

January 18, 2016 No Comments

Rose is the oldest of 9 kids from a good Catholic family. In her adolescence, she got swept up in the culture of the 1960s. She had an immature faith and thought that if she were the perfect wife and mother, all would be well. Rose talks with Marcus about how, after experiencing more than one divorce, the Lord Jesus guided her to the path he was calling her to follow. She learned about Pope John Paul II’s teaching of Theology of the Body, and was deeply moved by the beauty of God’s plan for human sexuality. For two decades, Rose has worked to bring hope to the divorced or separated who face the trauma of broken relationships. Rose serves as a diocesan lay advocate helping people to understand the sacramentality of marriage and how to live happy, holy, and fruitful lives with or without an annulment.

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