Roger Salstrom – Former Methodist, Reformed and Presbyterian

January 30, 2018 One Comment

Growing up, Roger Salstrom’s dad almost never went to church, but Roger’s mother took him and his siblings every Sunday.  Roger continued through life as a committed Christian, even going on to teach in the business department at a Protestant university.  Though he didn’t hold a very strong animosity toward Catholics, he thought they were misled and following an errant form of Christianity.  When Roger’s son married a Catholic and became Catholic himself, it got Roger thinking more seriously about the claims of the Church –  and after Roger’s son handed him a copy of Rome Sweet Home by Scott Hahn, Roger began to find less and less objections to the Catholic Church, and eventually felt convicted to join it.

Roger’s book, 95 Questions for Protestants: Points to Ponder During the 500 Year Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation…and Beyond is available at