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Rod Bennett: Former Baptist & Evangelical

May 9, 2016 62 Comments

A long time friend of the Coming Home Network, Rod Bennett, joined Marcus for an episode of the Journey Home that should spark the interest of any history buff.  In his latest book, “The Apostasy That Wasn’t,” Rod sets out to challenge some common assumptions about what happened to the Church between the age of the apostles and the Reformation.  Was there really a thousand year period when the Holy Spirit was absent from salvation history?  Citing the Fathers of the Church, and even more recent theologians like John Wesley and Cardinal John Henry Newman, Rod’s entertaining take on historical theology (“Tertullian was a grouchy old man,” “St Athanasius is the Frodo Baggins of my book”) is one to watch and share.

Rod’s new book: “The Apostasy That Wasn’t

Rod’s Deep in History talk, Four Witnesses Brought Me Home

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