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Renee Hendrix – Neonatal Nurse, Former Baptist

May 23, 2016 22 Comments

Renee Hendrix has worked in the intensive care unit for a number of years serving families whose babies are born with serious medical issues.  Raised in a strong Baptist faith, and formed by the likes of such spiritual giants as Billy Graham, Renee found that the Catholic Church’s teaching on the meaning of redemptive suffering brought her to a greater understanding of the importance of her work- not just with sick infants, but with the imprisoned, and those who, like her, have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

If you enjoyed Renee’s visit to The Journey Home, watch the following video short produced by Kleenex, which features Renee’s work with the least of these- babies with a slim chance of ever leading a normal life.  And try to do so without having Kleenex (or the off-brand facial tissue of your choice) handy.  It has about 4 million views on YouTube so far: