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Randy Hain: Former Southern Baptist

December 26, 2011 No Comments

As a child living in the Bible belt of southern Georgia, Randy Hain was the son of devout Southern Baptist parents.  Baptized at age nine, he really did not know exactly was his faith commitment represented.  And, by the time he was sixteen, his faith became a thing of the past.  It remained that way for the next twenty-three years – through college and into his working career.  Not until being married with children did the idea of finding a church enter his thought process.  At age 40, following a move from Atlanta to Roswell, GA, Randy consented to entering the church of his wife’s upbringing – The Catholic Church.  Open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, Randy committed to putting Christ first in his life.  It would be a life-changing decision, leading to the founding of an apostolate, the “Integrated Catholic Life” e-magazine.