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Prof. Ola Tjørhom & Prof. Hans-Fredrik Dahl: Former Lutheran & Former Secularist From Norway

September 20, 2010 No Comments

Ola Tjorhom and Hans-Fredik Dahl from Norway join Marcus for this episode abroad.  Both are professors who converted to Catholicism deep into their professional careers.  Professor Tjorhom came from a devout home in a culture that was nominally religious.  Originally he hoped to pursue a career as a missionary in Tanzania, but was captured by the study of theology in college, which prompted him to pursue advanced studies and become a Theology professor.  Dr. Tjorhom and Marcus explore the roots of Lutheranism, particular in its infancy when Martin Luther, in the professor’s eyes, sought renewal, not a break away from the Catholic Church.  Professor Dahl shares his journey from secular journalist and media scholar to his deathbed Spiit-led conversion and miraculous healing, joining his Carthusian monk brother and wife as Catholic converts.