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Peggy Bowes: Revert to the Catholic Faith

November 8, 2010 No Comments

Peggy Bowes speaks of growing up in an intensely-Catholic home with four sisters and parents who, strengthened by the symbols displayed and devotions practiced, lived their faith fully.  The girls attended Catholic schools, went regularly to Mass and prayed the rosary.  Unfortunately, like so many others living in the post-Vatican II era, the doctrines and apologetics of Catholic catechesis were lacking, leading to a rather weak spiritual foundation for Peggy.  As a result, at the age of 16 when she obtained her driver’s license, Peggy began to be influenced by her new-found freedom and the pull of the culture.  As a student at the Air Force Academy and beyond, she continued to drift from the faith.  This on again, off again relationship with her Catholic roots influenced the decisions in her life.  It was not until her marriage, and ultimately the birth of her first child, that brought Peggy into a relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary and her Son, and into an understanding of the fullness of the Catholic Church.

Peggy has written a book entitled “The Rosary Workout”.