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Paul Keough: A Revert from the Church of Christ

January 11, 2016 One Comment

Paul grew up the 9th of 13 children in upstate New York. His mother was a faithful Catholic but his father was a vocal agnostic. He went to church but didn’t understand what was going on. Because he lived in an anti-catholic town and also because of his father’s agnosticism, Paul saw being a Catholic as a weakness. At sixteen, he declared that he was an atheist. Following his father as a role model, he made the goal of his life to follow pleasure. Soon after he began to date a witch and moved in with her. Life with a witch led Paul to see the futility of a hedonistic life. He began to search for truth, which for a time led him to the Baha’i faith. For a time, he found faith in Christ again while fellowshipping with members of the Church of Christ. After a time, he began to find limits to the answers to the tough questions given by his Christian friends. Paul’s continued search eventually led him to find the fullness of the truth in the Catholic Church.