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Paolo Roberto & Ulf Silfverling: Revert & Former Lutheran From Sweden

November 15, 2010 No Comments

Former international professional boxing champion from Sweden, Paolo Roberto, shares his story of growing up Catholic in the most secularized nation in the world.  His faith would be a firm foundation for him later in life, but during his teens and beyond, Paolo was fueled by hate and aggression.  It led him to many street fights and a police record.  He was saved from a life in jail by boxing, which gave him a legitimate outlet for his aggressive behavior.  It also provided him with worldly success – a success that eventually left him empty.  Paolo tells about the circumstance of his powerful spiritual healing and a moving forth out of the ring into life as a television host in sports and cooking.

Ulf Silfverling, editor of Diocesan publication”Katolsk Obsevatör”. is a biology teacher.  Despite having only a nominal Christian background, Ulf found the seeds of conversion during a trip to Spain followed by a four-day silent retreat.  He and Marcus discuss the current phenomenon that pits science against religion and how the Catholic Church addresses the issue.