Michael Welker: To Catholicism from Zen Buddhism via Protestantism

By Michael Welker
November 07, 1997 | No Comments

Reared in Rockville, Maryland, Michael went to California to work for five years after high school, where he found an interest in Christianity, converting from Zen Buddhism. After moving to

Bob & Penny Lord: Reverts to Catholicism

By Bob & Penny Lord
October 31, 1997 | No Comments

After the untimely death of their son, Bob and Penny drifted away from the faith. God called them back to himself through a Marriage Encounter weekend, which changed their lives.

Open-Line With Colin Donovan: Life-long Catholic

By Colin Donovan
October 24, 1997 | No Comments

Marcus and Colin answer open line questions on Purgatory and Indulgences. Colin is Vice President for Theology at EWTN. He has a Licentiate in Sacred Theology, with a specialization in

Rosalind Moss: Convert from Judaism Discusses the Eucharist as Sacrifice

By Rosalind Moss
October 17, 1997 | No Comments

Rosalind was reared in a Jewish home in Brooklyn. At a young age he became an agnostic. In the mid-70’s, through the witness of her brother and other Jewish Christians,

Fr Ray & Ruth Ryland: Former Episcopalians

By Fr Ray & Ruth Ryland
October 10, 1997 | No Comments

Fr. Ray & Ruth were both brought up in the Desciples of Christ denomination. After serving in the Pacific during World War II, Fr. Ray attended seminary and was ordained

Dr. Kenneth Howell, Former Presbyterian Minister

By Kenneth Howell
October 03, 1997 | No Comments

Reared in a Protestant home, in his late teens Dr. Howell had a deep sense of the grace of God in his life and loved to read the Sacred Scriptures.

Steve Wood: Former Presbyterian Minister

By Steve Wood
September 26, 1997 | No Comments

Steve was reared by good decent Presbyterian parents, but “not a whole lot stuck.” After a couple of very wild years at the University of Florida, he dropped out and

Kristine Franklin: Former Non-Denominational Missionary

By Kristine Franklin
September 19, 1997 | 3 Comments

Reared in a faithful Fundamentalist home. Kristine accepted Christ at the age of five. After attending Biola University, She and her husband, Marty, became missionaries to Guatemala to “rescue Catholics

Msgr. Graham Leonard: Former Anglican Bishop Becomes Catholic

By Msgr. Graham Leonard:
September 12, 1997 | One Comment

Born in 1921, the son of an Anglican priest, Msgr. Leonard was raised a devout member of the Church of England. He was ordained an Anglican priest in 1947. Faithfully

Dr Thomas Howard: Former Episcopalian

By Thomas Howard
September 05, 1997 | One Comment

Thomas Howard was raised in a prominent Evangelical home (his sister is well-known author and former missionary Elisabeth Elliot), became Episcopalian in his mid-twenties, then entered the Catholic Church in

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