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Lynn Nordhagen: Former Independent Charismatic Who Returned to Catholicism

March 19, 2001 No Comments

Lynn was raised Catholic by convert parents. He says that she had an ideal faithful upbringing knowing that Jesus loved her and died for her at a very young age. In college, she met her future husband who was a Independent Charismatic Protestant. When they were married she planned to remain Catholic. After a while she became bored and disillusioned with her Catholic faith, in contrast with the enthusiasm of her husband’s Protestant friends. After about ten years she began to dream about the Catholic Church. She returned to the Church for a while. Soon after though a Calvinist friend began convincing her of Calvinism causing her to become a Presbyterian for about six years. Strangely enough, her friend who had convinced her to become a Calvinist, began the journey to the Catholic faith. It took a year, and with the help Pat Madrid, Kris Franklin and Ken Howell, Lynn again returned to the Catholic faith. Lynn has written a book of her return to the Church entitled: When Only One Converts.