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Nikki Kingsley – Former Muslim

October 12, 2021 No Comments

Nikki Kingsley was born Muslim in Pakistan to a loving family whose faith focused more on the virtues of Islam than its rituals. When an arranged marriage put her into a family with a much more strict approach to Islam, everything began to crash down around her, and she ended up escaping to the United States with her children. Safely in America, her prayer focus shifted: no longer was she praying so much for God to save her, but rather to know who He truly was. And through the persistent leading of Mary, Nikki found herself coming to believe that Jesus, who she’d previously thought of as only a prophet and healer, was truly the Son of God.

Nikki’s book, Thirst for Truth: From Mohammed to Jesus, can be purchased through her site:

It has also recently been made available on Kindle.