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Nicole DeMille: Former Lutheran

February 13, 2012 No Comments

Nicole DeMille grew up in New York in a family identified culturally and faithfully as Lutheran.  She attended Lutheran schools through high school and was steeped in this faith tradition in a large part through the influence of her mother and godmother.  In college, though her faith in Christ never waivered, Nicole found herself being affected more and more by the norms of the culture.  Marriage brought her back to an active life in the Lutheran Church.  But Nicole’s world came apart with her mother’s suffering and death from cancer and her three miscarriages all in the same year.  Nicole kept a stoic facade but inside she felt anguish.  She and her husband relocated to Cleveland, OH.  Another child was born, and they found a Lutheran church with a pre-school for her daughter.  When the daughter entered a Catholic school for kindergarten, Nicole began to study Catholicism in order to defend her faith.  Unbeknownst to her, however, she was falling in love with the Catholic Church.