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Neesha and David Oliver – Former Nazarenes

October 18, 2016 3 Comments

Neesha grew up with an interest in pursuing youth ministry in the Nazarene Church.  David felt isolated as a young teen until he heard the Gospel at a Nazarene youth gathering.  They met in college and married, and spent the next few years bouncing around trying to find where God would have them minister.  After a series of frustrations and rejections in David’s pursuit of the ministry, they began to visit other congregations, settling in an Episcopalian community.

During this time, they were struggling with infertility.  Because they knew that IVF was morally problematic, they asked around, and were eventually referred to a nurse who specialized in NaPro technology, a fertility care model developed by Catholics who wanted to uphold Church teaching on human sexuality.  The physical and spiritual care they received during that process became a major factor in their decision to become Catholic.

If you know a couple who is struggling with infertility, and is looking for morally sound spiritual and medical solutions to a problem that they feel like no one understands, share this episode with them!