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Nancy Montgomery: Cultural Catholic Who Discovered Christ

May 28, 2001 No Comments

Nancy was an average cradle Catholic. As a teen her beliefs were more influenced by popular culture than the Catholic faith. She had no true understanding of the Faith. God was a distant concept approached only during times of stress or difficulty. While battling depression and panic attacks she had an encounter with the Lord and his reality. From then on all she wanted to know was more about Jesus. Christian music, especially John Michael Talbot, became the focus of her spiritual walk. After she was married, while attending RCIA with her husband, she began to understand the Eucharist more deeply. Later, Nancy became distracted by Protestant women’s ministries. She became disgrunteled with the Church and was about to leave. At her last Mass the homily was about people leaving the Catholic Church. He asked the congregation, “How could you leave the Eucharist?”