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Nancy Groom: Former Presbyterian via the Reformed Church

May 30, 2011 No Comments

Author Nancy Groom shares her faith journey which began and continued for many years in the Christian Reformed Church.  Her Calvinist theology formed the basis of her perception of God as sovereign but distant, and established a disconnect from her presented self versus the reality of her true, but hidden, self.  Coupled with the fact of living with an alcoholic father and a probable alcoholic husband, Nancy sought control of every aspect of her life.  Not until beginning to confront the role that she was playing in the demise of her marriage, through the  prompting of the Holy Spirit, did Nancy become honest in her dealings with God and her husband.  A painful but life-altering period of six years brought Nancy and Bill to a new level of trust and love.  Through the process, they were led into the truth and richness of the Catholic Church.  Today, Nancy is a spiritual director with St. Peter Upon the Water retreat center in Ingram, TX.