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Msgr. Michael Magee: Former United Methodist

December 30, 2013 No Comments

Marcus Grodi welcomes Monsignor Michael Magee, professor at Roman Catholic Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia.  Msgr. Magee shares the story of his journey growing up in Baton Rouge, LA.  His parents’ separation when he was ten led to his entry the United Methodist Church where he was confirmed and became an active member.   Msgr. Magee began to have questions, however, when the long-standing moral tenets began to change through the a voting process of his denomination.  A subsequent school-sponsored trip at age 16 to Rome had a transformative effect on him, leading to read voraciously about the Catholic Church.  He was particular moved by apostolic succession.  While attending the University of Pennsylvania, Monsignor converted to Catholicism and began a five-year discernment process leading to seminary.