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Matt Swaim: Former Methodist

March 14, 2011 No Comments

Matt Swaim started life in the Nazarene tradition in central OH as the son of faithful parents.  They instilled within him a love of scriptures.  Matt moved to central KY as a teen where his family became free Methodists and he got involved in youth fellowship and music.  Upon entering Asbury College, Matt began to explore the writings of spiritual authors, many of whom were Catholic.  Post graduation, he moved to Cincinnati, where he met his Catholic wife-to-be. He also began experiencing “cultural Catholicism”.  At the same time, Matt explored the emergent church movement.  It all came together for Matt when he realized that the logical conclusion of his faith journey was to reside in the richness and truth of Catholicism.  Matt was the producer and eventual host of the “Son Rise Morning Show” on EWTN before joining the staff of The Coming Home Network in the spring of 2016.