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Mark Neugebauer – Former Messianic Jew

February 27, 2018 One Comment

Mark Neugebauer’s father was a Polish Holocaust survivor, and his mother a Russian Jew whose family had suffered under pogroms, so he was raised with a strong Jewish identity.  However, from an early age, he became fascinated with who Jesus was, even reading books about Him written by Rabbis.  Later, he came into contact with some Messianic Jews, and began to believe that Jesus truly was the promised Messiah.  As Mark continued to study scripture and the early Church, he came across across more and more Jewish figures who had not only become Christian, but Catholic: Cardinal Lustiger, Rabbi Zolli, St. Edith Stein, and even people like Rosalind Moss and Roy Schoeman.  Through it all, he came to see the beautiful continuity between Judaism and the Catholic faith.

Mark has also shared his conversion story in written form on our site here.