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Mark McNeil – Former Oneness Pentecostal

February 26, 2019 No Comments

Mark McNeil was raised Baptist, but when he encountered the fervor and ideas of a local Oneness Pentecostal congregation, he was intrigued. Its pastor used Scripture in a way Mark hadn’t encountered before, to argue that the Trinity was an invention of the Catholic Church, and that the God of the Scriptures merely changed his identity at various points in the Scriptures. After years of adhering to this belief, Mark began to realize that his proof-text approach to the Bible had major holes in it, and accepting the authority of the early Church regarding the Trinity helped lead him to accept the authority of the Catholic Church on other matters as well.

He’s now on staff at a Jesuit school in Texas, and there’s some great discussion of Ignatian spirituality, especially in regard to gratitude!

Mark’s new book, All in the Name: How the Bible Led Me to Faith in the Trinity and the Catholic Church, is available from Catholic Answers Press.