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Mark Mazza: Revert from Non-Denominational Christianity

June 27, 2011 No Comments

Mark Mazza grew up in an Italian Catholic family with 10 children.  It was a given that they would attend weekly Mass and attend Catholic school.  This continued for Mark into college as he enrolled at Xavier University, a Jesuit Catholic university in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It was there, through the prompting of some Baptist friends, that Mark had a spiritual awakening.  He began to take seriously his study of the Bible and developed a love for Jesus.  Following his graduation, Mark began working for Xerox and started attending a Baptist Church.  He liked the fellowship, music and the sermons preached.  He then moved into a more charismatic congregation.  In 1986 Mark married.  They settled into life together in a more traditional evangelical protestant church and eventually had five children.  In 1993, his father developed lung cancer.  It was the Blessed Virgin Mary who sustained him until his death in February 1994.  This began Mark’s journey of deep reflection on his faith.  Scott Hahn and Rosalind Moss were two individuals who had a significant impact on Mark and his family’s conversion to Catholicism in 1997.