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Mark Gamble – Former Evangelical and Episcopalian

October 4, 2016 One Comment

Mark remembers hearing his father tell Bible stories around the dinner table every night, and never dreamt of walking away from his Christian faith.  When he became an engineer, his work took him all over the world, so he had the opportunity to visit Christian communities of all shapes, sizes and varieties- all, that is, except those of the Catholic variety.  When he finally went to a Catholic liturgy for the first time, it was on Good Friday, and when he found himself swept up into a line of people venerating the crucifix, his prejudices against Catholic piety began to melt away.  Later, when a Hindu friend asked him why there were so many different Christian denominations, Mark suddenly found himself at a loss to explain all the divisions among the followers of Jesus.  These and a number of other factors led Mark to look at Catholicism with fresh eyes, and with a heart turned toward serving Jesus wherever he might be called to do so, eventually becoming confirmed in the Catholic Church.