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Marie Joseph: Revert from Secularism

January 24, 2011 No Comments

A child of immigrants – mother from Puerto Rico and father from Italy – Marie Joseph grew up in a Catholic environment through confirmation.  However, following that perceived “graduation”, practice in the Catholic faith and attendance at Mass was only for a couple times a year.  Marie achieved a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University, and married soon after.  Two children came along, two successful careers and life could not be better.  And yet, for Marie, something seemed missing.  Around that time of discernment, she found that her marriage was crumbling.  Her husband left to pursue an alternative lifestyle.  Marie tried going back to church but found it “unwelcoming.”  Her response was anger and led her to pursue hedonistic activities.  Finding her life empty, Marie one day cried out to God, “Is this is good as it gets?” God heard her cry and touched her with grace.  It was a life-alterring event.  Marie shares the details of her journey from the point of despair to wholeness in the Catholic faith.  Today, Marie is Executive Director of the life-affirming pregnancy crisis intervention organization Legacy of Life Foundation.