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Lisa Brandel – Former Southern Baptist

July 18, 2017 2 Comments

Lisa’s parents weren’t particularly observant Christians when she was a child, but she did find a way to attend both Catholic and Baptist services with friends whenever she could.  In fact, the impact of her baptism at her Baptist church at age 17 was so profound that both of her parents started going to church, and her father even became a Southern Baptist deacon!

Over time, however, the loss of her husband and several close family members, combined with a lifelong battle against depression, caused her to try and find a better theology of suffering than her Calvinist background provided.  She was able to find that, as well as her new spiritual home, in the Catholic Church.

  • What an inspirational testimony. I loved listening, and you are an example for all of us to strive to. God bless.

  • Marisa Kohnen

    Your story really opened up my heart to God’s love for us. Sometimes when your depressed you can’t see God. Thank you for sharing about your struggles with depression and finding God in the midst of your struggle. It gave me hope that I can continue to grow in my faith despite my own struggles with anxiety & depression. Thank you for being a light. May God Bless You.