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Leighton Drake: Former Agnostic

September 23, 2013 No Comments

Leighton Drake grew up, first in Oklahoma, then Phoenix after age nine, in a family with very little Christian engagement.  His mother’s quiet faith was overshadowed by his father’s attitude that religious practices were for those with weak fortitude.  Leighton eventually adopted a similar agnostic posture.  Marrying in his early 20’s, he and his wife experienced difficulties, yet, through God’s grace, somehow managed to stay together.  At 26, in a downward slide, Leighton sought out a Catholic counselor who persuaded him to go on a trip to a Franciscan mission in Mexico.  It was there that he “encountered Christ’s love” in the work and sacrifices of the people serving.  It had a significant effect on his thinking.  Two books, Thomas Merton’s The Seven Storey Mountain and C. S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity also were important seeds planted.  Today, Leighton is a Catholic apologist who uses his gifts and talents in drawing for evangelization.