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Kurt Hoover: Former Wesleyan Methodist

Kurt Hoover | October 5, 2015 One Comment

Kurt grew up in a very devout Wesleyan Methodist home. His grandfather was a minister in that denomination. At the age of 16, with the assistance of several men in his congregation, he made a deep commitment to a life of faith in Jesus Christ and was baptized. As a young man, through his experience of Christians who were not giving of their wealth or their time, he became angry and despondent and stopped attending church. During this time he met a Catholic girl who was rediscovering and recommitting herself to the faith. Through her witness, Kurt was introduced to a new depth of Christianity that he had never before imagined. This was the beginning of a journey that would lead him Home the holy Catholic Church.

  • Cynthia Clarke

    I am on the road to conversion into the Catholic church but had previously been in the Free Methodist church. Although I cannot say that Kurt Hoover was wrong in his explanation of the word “Free in front of Methodist, I can say there is more to the story. Actually initially in AMERICAN history there was only the Methodist church. Their policy was to make people pay for the right to sit in the pews (there would for instance be a pew that would be your family pew each week). If you were poor you would have to stand for the services as you could not afford the pew fees. After some time a faction of the Methodist congregations grew uncomfortable with this practice and wanted to do away with the financial barrier to attending church as an equal. So they split away. The “free” refers to the fact that there was no charge to come and sit through the service.