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Kevin McDermott – Catholic Revert through the Anglican Ordinariate

January 23, 2018 3 Comments

Kevin McDermott grew up in the years before Vatican II, and had a deep love for the liturgy and devotions of the pre-conciliar Church.  When liturgical and doctrinal changes turned everything upside down in his parish after Vatican II, he decided he was going to remain devotionally Catholic, but not go to Mass anymore.  All the while, though, he held out hope that he’d one day find a Church that resembled the one he grew up in.  Eventually he discovered a High Anglican community, and joined it – just before Pope Benedict XVI issued his decree allowing certain Anglican parishes to join the Catholic Church and bring their liturgies along with them.  It’s a fascinating look at the fallout of the post-conciliar period, and the ramifications of Pope Benedict XVI’s Anglican Ordinariate – check it out!

  • Kevin Mcdermott

    Thank you again for the privilege of participating in this remarkable Apostolate; I am very honored. Several people have enquired on our own website regarding the book I mention. It is Flora Thompson’s wonderful LARK RISE TO CANDLEFORD. Among many other closely-observed and beautifully described memories of life in rural Oxfordshire in the period 1880–1910 there are set-piece descriptions of a long-serving, beloved Parson (whose parish is typical of the rather desiccated, Post-Commonwealth, Anglicanism I think that 15-year rupture created) as well as of a visiting Anglocatholic Priest (whose personal piety, good works, and Spirit-filled homiletics win over a congregation deeply unsettled by his crossings, genuflections, and frequent Communion Services). And all a stones throw from Oxford…

  • “Pope Benedict’s Anglican Ordinariate” is a problematic term for a couple reasons. First, there are actually three Ordinariates for the Preservation of Anglican Patrimony, second, we are no longer Anglican communities but Catholic, third the ordinaries have expressed that they do not like the term “anglican ordinariate” because it confuses people and makes them question our full catholicity.

  • Christopher

    Thanks for this interview! And while I’m at it, “Pope Benedict’s Anglican Ordinariate” is the perfect term for it. ‘Anglican ordinariate’ is the common term, conveying as it does the real character and culture of the ordinariates. Plus, the fact that they’re Pope Benedict’s makes it perfectly clear that they are fully Catholic. Thank God for Pope Benedict and for his Anglican ordinariates!