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Kendra Clark – Former Mormon

February 6, 2018 21 Comments

Kendra Clark became serious about her Mormon faith as a student at BYU, and was drawn in particular to the figure of Jesus Christ.  This fascination eventually caused her to split time on Sunday mornings – spending part of them in worship with her Mormon congregation, and part of them at a nearby Evangelical Church, where she could hear more about Jesus.  When her son went on his LDS mission to Poland, he met several Catholic families who had a positive impact on him, and it helped open Kendra to the claims of Catholicism.  After a series of transitions and losses in her life, she started to develop new relationships with several Catholic friends, and eventually decided to join RCIA.

Kendra has some great insights into the differences between the way Mormons and Catholics view certain issues, such as the divinity of Jesus, the afterlife, and the meaning of the Last Supper.  Well worth a watch!