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Kandice Longstreth – Former Full Gospel, Church of Christ, Methodist, Baptist and Vineyard

January 9, 2018 No Comments

For Kandice Longstreth, faith came to life when she was in the hospital at age 10 and received a pocket New Testament.  Even though she wasn’t from a churchgoing family, she managed to find a ride from a neighbor so that she could go on Sundays.  However, as she grew up, she started to get a sense that there was something missing in every congregation she visited.  No matter how good the music was, or how friendly the people, she still felt that their approach to faith was somehow incomplete.  One day, she turned on the radio, and stumbled across EWTN, and a wave of what she describes as “homesickness” overtook her.  She began researching the Catholic faith, and when she finally summoned the courage to attend Mass, she knew that the Catholic Church was the home she had been longing for.