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Judy Hehr: Revert to the Catholic Faith

June 25, 2012 One Comment

Growing up in New Jersey as one of six children in an outwardly devout Catholic family, Judy Hehr found herself in a disconnect of “not having their theology and reality colliding in everyday life”.  And so, when faced with her mother’s sudden death during her senior year in high school, Judy’s world was rocked because she had no true foundation in her faith.  It marked the beginning of a five-year pit of despair and hopelessness that was fueled by mind-numbing behaviors. After undergoing treatment at a 12-step facility, Judy traded her addictions in for manic salesmanship and by age 30 achieved worldly success.  It was only when her marriage was on the brink of failure did Judy reach the point of seeking God’s intervention.  Judy shares with Marcus how she found true peace in her life through the acceptance, affection and affirmation, not of the world as she had thought, but through the love of God and through the decision to live sacramentally as a wife and mother.