John Knutsen from the Office of Adult Faith Formation in the Diocese of Arlington joins Marcus Grodi to talk about what led him away from his Catholic upbringing, and what led him back.  Family tragedy and a world that seemed emptied of God’s presence caused him to reject Christianity altogether, but a desire for purpose in a supposedly meaningless life continued to bother him.  Through reading Merton, Chesterton, Augustine and others, he became intellectually converted, but his conversion of heart was a lot slower taking shape.  A fascinating episode, with some great tips for evangelization at the end!

  • RoseMarie —— Dombrowski

    Thank you John for your witness and life story. I have four children who are adults and none have followed the Catholic faith. One is an atheist, one a Buddhist, Seventh Day Adventist pastor and the oldest is non-denominational. I pray for all every day and night that they will cooperate with God’s graces and come back to the one true church. I accept their beliefs and have good relationships with all and their spouses. Your story gives me hope for my children.

    • Peter Paul

      Pray the divine mercy chaplet or rosary daily, they will come back to the Catholic Church have faith

      Hail Mary for them