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Joe & Summer Allman: Former Weslyans

January 16, 2006 No Comments

Joe didn’t grow up in any religion. He say religion as a crutch. After he and Summer were married, in the 1960’s, they lived a hippies on a farm. While on vacation in the mountains with their children, Joe felt Jesus speak to him. He felt he had to find the Truth. Summer joined him on this search, in which they visited many Protestant denominations before they settled down with the Wesleyans for a time. They still were not satisfied. Summer decided to go to a Catholic Mass. They went to a convent. In the chapel the nuns asked them if they would like to go to into the adoration chapel. Jesus was exposed in the monstrance on the altar and they fell on their knees, even though they didn’t know why. This was the beginning of their journey home.