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Jeremy Tate – Former Presbyterian Church of America

August 9, 2018 No Comments

Jeremy Tate accepted Jesus into his heart as a teenager through the ministry of Young Life, and though there were bumps in the road along the way, he ended up pursuing a call to ministry. He didn’t initially feel tied to a specific denomination, but after some research and prayer, he ended up in the Presbyterian Church of America. However, he was continually troubled at divisions among Christians, and felt like the doctrine of sola Scriptura was a big part of the reason there were so many denominations. When his search began to lead him toward Catholicism, he was at first afraid to tell his wife – she was a cradle Catholic that he’d helped to pull away from the Church! Eventually both of them felt a profound sense of peace at realizing their true home was the Catholic Church.

Jeremy is the founder of the Classical Learning Test, a college entrance exam that connects intellect and virtue. Find out more at