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Jack Tripp: A Baptist Who Returned to the Catholic Faith

October 20, 2014 No Comments

Jack was brought up as a Boston Irish Catholic. Even though he was Catholic and the family prayed daily, the faith was never talked about in his home. When Jack graduated from high school in 1974, he took a Navy ROTC scholarship to attend the University of Rochester because he realized his parents didn’t have the money for college. After college, he gave his four years to the Navy, working in Lakehurst, N.J., on mechanisms to catch planes landing on aircraft carriers. After the Navey, he earned an MBA continually seeking more money. Despite his succes, wealth was never enough. Chancing upon a Charles Stanley on TV, Jack turned to Christ as his Savior. Wanting to servce Christ through the poor, he discovered the Eugene Mission. While working at the Mission, he attempted to evangelize the Chief of Police. His conversations with his friend led Jack back to the Catholic Church. Jack is now the Executive Director of the Eugene Mission. For more information, go to: