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Heather & Andrew Bowen: Former Baptist & Former Atheist

December 7, 2015 One Comment

In reaction to his own judgmental zeal as a young man, Andrew became an angry atheist. Heather, who was Andrew’s best friend in college, was brought up Lutheran. After they married neither practiced any sort of faith life. When Heather suffered an ectopic pregnancy God brought her back to Christ through the Baptist faith. Andrew reacted by becoming filled with anger toward God. His anger became so bad that their home became a battle ground. God used an extremely interesting route to bring Heather and Andrew to the Catholic Church by motivating Andrew to live for a month as a member of each faith group that he hated, beginning with Hinduism and culminating with the Catholic faith. Through living for a month as a Catholic, God was able to begin the healing process that would finally bring them both the grace to come home to the Catholic Church.