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Fr. Tyson Wood: Former Lutheran Minister

June 16, 2014 2 Comments

Fr. Tyson grew up in a Lutheran family on Luther’s Small Catechism. As a teenager, he began to question such Protestant pillars as “sola Scriptura” and the equating of concupiscence with personal sin.  He thought to himself, if we can’t cooperate with God, because of total depravity, what it the purpose of living a moral Christian life? He felt called to ministry but joined the military out of hight school. Later he attended college and then a Lutheran seminary. His last year in seminary he became an ecumenical office and attended the Pontifical Seminary Josephinum. After seminary he was ordained a Lutheran minister and pastored in Ohio. During this time the pull of the Holy Spirit toward the Catholic Church continued. The more research he did the more he became convinced of the truth of the Catholic Church. He finally was received into the Catholic Church and later ordained a Catholic priest. Fr. Tyson is now an Army chaplain.