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Fr Randy Musselman: Former Baptist

July 9, 2012 No Comments

Growing up in Anderson, Indiana, Fr. Randy Musselman was part of a Baptist family that was not particularly active in its faith.  However, he was baptized at age 14 and began to be involved with a local Baptist church, even becoming an elder and an occasional preacher while in college.  Over time, he met his wife to be – a “faith-filled” Catholic.  Though married in the Baptist tradition, their marriage was convalidated in the Catholic Church.  Their two daughters were raised as Catholics.  Secretly, Fr. Randy began to explore Catholicism and eventually entered into RCIA.  As a new Catholic, he began to say yes to various ministry opportunities, leading him to pursue a calling to the Permanent Diaconate.  In his eleventh year serving as a Deacon, his wife died of cancer.   Following further discernment and approval by his Bishop, Fr. Randy entered the seminary.  Today he is a Diocesan priest serving in Florida.