African Methodist Episcopal (AME)Conversion Stories

Fr. Matthew Hawkins – Former African Methodist Episcopal

March 16, 2021 No Comments

Fr. Matthew Hawkins came from a long line of A.M.E. ministers, and because of his father’s role as a minister and community leader, he received exposure to a number of faith traditions, including a brief time in Catholic schools. He didn’t always understand the devotional practices he saw in Catholic schools; but he did see that the Mass was sacred and beautiful. Later, when he experienced Evangelicalism in college, he felt led to visit a different church every week until he found a home. When he finally went to Catholic Mass, he was given the grace to realize the truth of what was happening, and knew he needed to come home to the Catholic Church.

Fr. Hawkins now serves at St. Benedict the Moor Church in Pittsburgh. Find out more about his unique parish at Catholic News Agency.