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Fr. Joshua Whitfield – Former Episcopal Priest

Fr. Joshua Whitfield |
November 20, 2018 No Comments

Fr. Joshua Whitfield grew up generally Christian, but an encounter with high Anglican liturgy in his teens got him hooked on making reverence and beauty a priority in his relationship with Christ. He went on to become an Anglo-Catholic priest, convinced that he was fully Catholic even though he wasn’t in communion with Rome. However, a series of experiences, as well as a growing identification with Bl. John Henry Newman, began to convict him that he needed to become Catholic in the fullest sense. He did so, understanding that he might never be a Catholic priest; but was fortunate enough to enter the Church in Dallas in 2009, when a number of events, including the establishment of the Personal Ordinariate, were making the transition from Anglican to Catholic priesthood more feasible. He has now been a Catholic diocesan priest for nearly a decade.

A former Anglican priest, Fr. Joshua Whitfield is pastor of St. Rita Church in Dallas, and author of The Crisis of Bad Preaching from Ave Maria Press.

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