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Fr. Frode Eikenes & Fr. Rolf Bowitz: Former Lutherans From Norway

August 16, 2010 No Comments

Growing up in the “Norwegian Bible Belt” of the southwest coast of Norway, Fr. Frode Eikenes lived an active faith life in the Evangelical Free Lutheran Church tradition.  From early on, he had a fondness for liturgy and history, both of which had a significant impact on his decision to convert to Catholicism at age 19.  Within four years Fr. Eikenes also discerned a call to the priesthood, and, after 10 years being ordained, became the Pastor of St. Olav’s Cathedral in Oslo.

Fr. Bowitz is from Stavanger, Norway.  His family were Lutherans but were not active participants in the faith.  It was not until his grandfather’s funeral that Fr. Bowitz began to reflect on the significance of prayer which led to an exploration of various religious avenues.   At age 31 he was a successful journalist, but realized something was missing.  He was introduced by a friend to the Catholic faith and thus started on a journey which would lead him through the Dominicans to conversion and eventually to the priesthood.