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Fr. Fred Werth: Former Presbyterian

July 25, 2011 No Comments

Fr. Fred Werth, growing up in western Virginia, was the son of a devout Presbyterian mother with Scottish roots, and a father was a probable deist who was opposed to formal religion.  Fr. Fred experienced good formation in his faith tradition, with good Sunday school teachers and some captivating ministers.  Yet, his philosophical nature led him, in his mid-teens, to Eastern thought and then the study of philosophy at VMI.  He would go on to law school and a career as a lawyer.  In the meantime, he met and married an Irish-Catholic woman and became the father of three children.  For 18 years he lived his faith nominally on the periphery of his wife’s church.  But a powerful encounter with a priest in 1988 brought Fr. Werth into RCIA and then into the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil in 1989.  Fr. Werth shares the fascinating story of how he was led to seminary at age 55 and ordained as a Catholic priest four years later in 2007.