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Fr. Carl Beekman: Former United Methodist

September 27, 2010 No Comments

Fr. Carl Beekman shares his story of growing up in southern Indiana in a home with two brothers and three sisters and great, hard-working, charitable Methodist parents.  It was a good childhood, being formed through church services, Sunday School, youth group, summer camp and friendships.  In high school, though, his faith was put to the test with the sudden onset of leukemia and death three days later of his best friend.  It evoked a profound sorrow within Fr. Carl, that later would get buried deep within his soul.  He knew he could not pursue college studies in this state, so Fr. Carl joined the Marine Corps.  He was transformed by its structure, discipline and order.  Once out of the military, he returned home which began a series of events that again would shape who he would become.  Fr. Carl describes the journey which he traveled and how it would lead him first to the Catholic Church and ultimately to the priesthood.  Today, Fr. Carl Beekman is a priest in the Diocese of Rockford, IL who serves as the Director for Vocations in the diocese and Pastor at Saints Peter and Paul Parish in Cary, IL.