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Eric Sammons: Former United Methodist

April 23, 2012 No Comments

Growing up in Cincinnati in a typical suburban family, Eric Sammons was raised in the United Methodist tradition.  It was a religiously sheltered life, he claims.  Not until college would Eric be exposed and challenged by the various nuances of other denominational offerings.  It was in high school, however, that Eric had a significant religious experience at a weekend youth retreat.  This led him to begin living an intentional Christian lifestyle, committed to Christ as an Evangelical Protestant.  In college, Eric’s horizons continue to broaden, particularly his exposure to Catholicism.  He was invited to a pro-life group meeting and began to see the Catholic faith being lived out.  In addition, study and debates with his Catholic roommate provided points for reflection.  A tape received detailing Pastor Scott Hahn’s conversion and a decision to pray the rosary for a week, were instrumental in Eric coming into the Catholic Church.  Today he is the Director of the Office of Evangelization in the Diocese of Venice in Florida.