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Dwight Longenecker: Former Anglican Priest

September 18, 2000 No Comments

Dwight was reared, in Pennsylvania, in a devoted Evangelical Fundamentalist family. He majored in speech and English at Bob Jones University. Through a professor he was introduced to Anglican worship, coupled with this was his love of C.S. Lewis and T. S. Elliot. He heard a call to ministry. With a desire to be an Anglican country parson, he went to England and was accepted at Oxford University. Ordained an priest of the Church of England he became a vicar of a 1,000 year old parish in the Isle of Wight. As a vicar through a deeper reading of Church History and deepening prayer life Dwight was drawn to the true ancient English Church, the Catholic Church. Dwight would be ordained a Catholic priest, six years after this episode, for the Diocese of Charleston, South Carolina, in December of 2006. Dwight’s book is entitled: “The Path to Rome: Modern Journeys to the Catholic Church”.