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Dr Timothy Lau: Former Atheist

September 19, 2011 One Comment

Canadian Psychiatrist, Dr. Timothy Lau, shares with Marcus his journey from atheism to Catholicism.  Growing up in a home where science and reasoning trumped religion, Dr. Tim lists Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking as his teen heroes.  It was an indication of his passion for science.  And yet, even with this worldview and a life that seemed to be going very well for him socially, financially and academically, Dr. Tim would tell you that there seemed to be something lacking.  It was not until graduate school, though, that he would be open to the answers a fellow scientist (who happened to be Catholic) would offer him.  Dr. Tim explains how three women eventually led him to become Catholic – his mother, his wife and then his firstborn daughter and how science and religion would interconnect through his study and his work.

Dr. Tim Lau is the founding president of the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Societies.