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Dr. Scott Sullivan: Former Evangelical

August 17, 2015 No Comments

Scott was raised in a loving Non-denomination Evangelical Protestant home. In high school and college he fell away from the faith because he didn’t know any arguments to show him that Christianity was true. For a long time his life was centered on martial arts. While in college he began to ask the question, “What it the purpose of life?” He thought he might look into religion again. In a bookstore he stumbled upon the Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tacelli. This began his journey to back to Christ and eventually the Catholic Church. Scott is a homeschooling father of 8 and holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, TX. He is also the founder of Classical Theist productions, a company devoted to teaching the Catholic intellectual tradition and making it accessible through modern technologies. For more information, go to: