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Dr Paul & Patti Sullins: Former Episcopalians

January 21, 2000 No Comments

Paul was raised in a devout, conservative, evangelical Baptist home. When he was four years old his mother led him to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. Patti was brought up in the Methodist church and began to sing in the choir when she was seven and accepted Jesus into her heart when she was twelve. Paul didn’t hear the call to ministry until his mid 20’s after he had been a teacher for several years. In seminary he fell in love with liturgical worship and was ordained an Episcopal priest. Patti served as a youth minister. She and Paul met and were married after Paul finished seminary. Paul served in ministry for 15 years. He and Patti entered the Church in 1998. Paul was ordained a Catholic Priest, two years after this episode, in 2002, with a dispensation from celibacy from St. John Paul II.