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Dr. Kevin Vost: Philosophy and Faith

September 22, 2016 One Comment

In conjunction with the release of his new book, “The Porch and the Cross: Ancient Stoic Wisdom for Modern Christian Living,” Dr. Kevin Vost returns for a Journey Home episode that tackles some of the most basic philosophical issues that underlie the postmodern spiritual experience.  Dr. Vost was born into a Catholic family, but his readings of Ayn Rand, Bertrand Russell, and Friedrich Nietzsche led him to a more reductionist view of the world.  As he pursued a career in counseling, he began to ask deeper questions about the meaning of the human person- questions which led him to encounter the great Dominican thinkers St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Albert the Great, who reshaped his understanding of philosophy and theology.  This is a meaty episode- one you may want to bookmark and watch a couple of times!

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