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Dr. John Martignoni: Revert to the Catholic Church

December 17, 2001 No Comments

Raised in Alabama, John was brought up Catholic but stopped practicing the Faith in college. He earned an MBA from the University of Alabama, started a career in the defense industry before returning to begin a PhD program in finance at the University of North Carolina. He was outside of the Church for 13 years before returning. His conversion began with happening upon the Christian book “The Normal Christian Life,” which led to his purchase of C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity” in the campus bookstore. After reading more and more deeply in Christian apologetics, John returned to the Church and later started attending daily Mass. His heart was converted before his mind, so to speak. He served for a while with Covenant House in Alaska. Later he started the Bible Christian Hour, a Catholic Scripture radio program, which led to his being asked to become General Manager of Queen of Peace Radio in Birmingham, AL. In one of his last conversations with his dying father, his Dad asked why he returned to the Church. Later he found out that his Dad used to pray for his son during his 4 to 5 am Adoration Hour.