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Dr. Jeffrey Schwehm: Former Jehovah’s Witness

May 10, 2004 No Comments

Jeff was raised a Lutheran until his parents became Jehovah’s Witnesses when he was six years old. He became very active with the Witnesses and even left his home to work full-time at Bethel, the Watch Tower headquarters, in Brooklyn, New York. He met he future wife there and returned home to New Orleans to be married. Before leaving Bethel, he began to have doubts about Jehovah’s Witness teaching. He would sneak into the Loyola University library to read about Church History. Later, while working on his Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Jeff and his wife joined the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod, where they began to speak about the problem of cults on the radio. After reading the “Diary of St. Faustina” on Divine Mercy, Jeff and his wife were received into the Catholic Church in 2003.